Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why I Love Video Art

Video Art was recently introduced to me as an artist. During Video Art I we did screenings of pieces from the 1970's and 1980's so as revolutionary as they were, some of them were a little too out there for my taste. I did see a couple pieces that I really loved and came to form a better of opinion of this art form. Vertical Roll by Joan Jonas was a great piece and really enjoyed it. It really shows what an artist can do with audio, editing, and using video to make a message.
I love video art because it comes with endless possibilities. As long as one can dream it up, has access to equipment and can figure out a way to execute their ideas, they can create it. Yes it is a more pricey and technology based art form than say drawing is, but that is the way society and culture is moving.
Also part of why I love video art is editing. That is the most enjoyable part of the video making process for me. Its rewarding for me as an artist to take footage that is so ordinary and simple and take it into final cut and make something worth watching. This also goes the same for me as a photographer, part of what I love most is seeing the images I've taken and editing them in Photoshop.
Being new to Video, I still get a little frustrated figuring out how to execute my ideas and getting the footage that I want. It's so different than drawing, painting, and photography. It is still a form of expression but has opened up a whole new door for me as an artist, which is another reason why I love video art.


  1. I agree. Editing is the most exciting part for me because I can further enhance my work through placement of the clips and effects. I enjoy the fact that I have the ability to tape the footage, come up with the ideas, and edit it. I am in full control of how the video is created

  2. I agree that video is completely different than working in most other mediums (drawing, photography, etc). I think in a lot of ways it's similar to working with music because you have the duration of the piece play with.

  3. I also have a difficult time with turning my ideas into a finished work the way I want them portrayed. I have a difficult time with editing though, I become easily frustrated with final cut and i think the fact that I'm not familiar with a Mac adds to the frustration. However I'm looking forward to using the new final cut. I also enjoy taking photos and editing them with Photoshop though. The possibilities with video art really are endless.